Border Terrier FAQs

Have you got some burning questions about the Border Terrier? Here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

What are some of the behavioural problems Border Terriers come with?

Coming from the Terrier family, Border Terriers have a few behavioural traits which they are known for. Digging is one of them. These little dogs were bred to follow foxes and rabbits into their burrows, and they often had to dig out their prey too. So, there is a strong instinct to dig which you will need to be prepared for if you are in any way proud of your garden. At the same time, Border Terriers are escape artists and they will be able to dig their way out of a garden that isn’t securely fenced. You might find you need to purchase some chicken wire for the perimeter of your garden fence, to stop your dog digging his way out in pursuit of an interesting scent. In addition, these dogs are bred to be hunters and so they may not be safe around smaller pets as they will feel the urge to give chase.

Do Border Terriers bark a lot?

The Border isn’t a yappy dog like some of the Terrier breeds. However, he can become a nuisance barker if he is bored, which usually happens if he is left alone for long periods. The bark itself is quite loud, because on hunts it had to be heard by the hunting pack over great distances.

Are Border Terriers good with children?

Border Terriers are great companions for children because of their small to medium size and their high energy levels. However, small children should be supervised because these little dogs can be boisterous and bouncy.

How much grooming do Border Terriers need?

The Border Terrier has a rough coat which needs to be brushed about once a week in order to maintain a good condition. Every once in a while the coat will also need “stripping” which is a method used for rough coated breeds where the dead hair is removed using a special stripping tool. As for bathing, your Border shouldn’t need a bath very often, and should really only be shampooed if he starts to smell or if he has rolled in dirt If you do need to give your dog a bath, make sure you use a shampoo that’s been designed for dogs, as human shampoos can be far too harsh on the coat and skin.

Can I keep my Border Terrier outside?

In general it’s not recommended. Border Terriers should be kept indoors within the family home, where there is plenty of warmth and human company. It’s true that in the past, hunting Border Terriers may have been kept in outdoor kennels with large numbers of other dogs, but today’s modern Border is really a house pet, and should be kept inside.

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