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    Enzymes speed up the metabolic rate of most bodily functions, if they didn’t exist processes in the body would occur far too slowly for our bodies to survive. If your pet’s metabolic rate needs to be increased supported your vet may prescribe enzymes. The primary use of enzymes in veterinary medicine is to support the…   Read More »

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    Treating Diarrhoea

    Medications for diarrhoea work by lining the gut to protect it whilst it heals, other medications work by reducing intestinal movement. If your pet is suffering with diarrhoea it would not be uncommon for your vet to prescribe more than one medication and/or a change of diet. I have heard that this drug can have…   Read More »

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    Introducing a new cat into the household

    How should I choose appropriate housemates? Cats are very sociable animals but do not need to live with other cats. It is, therefore, very important to carefully select your new cat to ensure they get on with your existing cat(s) and they can both live a happy life. The most successful multi-cat households are based…   Read More »

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    Diabetes Mellitus

    Diabetes Mellitus is a medical condition where the cat has too much sugar in their blood, this excessive sugar level is caused by a deficiency of the hormone insulin which is secreted by the pancreas. Without insulin, the body can’t process and breakdown glucose in the blood resulting in high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is…   Read More »

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    Cystitis and Lower Urinary Tract Disease

    Cystitis is the inflammation of the urinary bladder, when cats develop diseases of the lower urinary tract (bladder and urethra) they are called ‘feline lower urinary tract diseases’. What are the signs of feline lower urinary tract disease? Frequent urination Difficulty in urinating Blood in urine What causes the disease? Cats can develop this disease…   Read More »

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    What are Antihistamines? Antihistamines are prescribed to pets to prevent itching or to manage cats that over groom or scratch themselves. Antihistamines can also be useful to treat respiratory conditions or to sedate prior to car travel. I have heard that this drug can have side effects, how will this affect my pet? Almost all…   Read More »

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    Anti-freeze Poisoning

    Anti-freeze is a widely used solution made with Ethylene Glycol. Although poisonous, many cats and dogs find the taste of anti-freeze very attractive, however even if a small amount of anti-freeze is consumed it can result in acute kidney failure or even death. Statistically in the UK more cats are poisoned by anti-freeze mainly because…   Read More »

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    Diazepam is a medication prescribed to treat anxiety, stimulate the appetite and control fits. This drug is a benzodiazepine, this type of drug can result in dependence and your pet could become addicted to it. Dosage If you miss a dose ensure it is given as soon as possible, however, if it is almost time…   Read More »

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    Why has my pet been prescribed pheromone medication? Pheromones are social scents secreted by animals, the scents send a message to other animals and act as a means of communication. Natural Pheromones are secreted in anal glands, urine and facial skin. Artificial pheromones are prescribed to help improve anti-social behavior. The artificial pheromones help reduce…   Read More »

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    Abdominal Distension

    Abdominal distension is often caused through obesity in dogs but this is not the only cause.  Sometimes Cushing’s Syndrome (hyperadrenocorticism) can cause redistribution of fat into the abdomen and Hypothyroidism (lack of the thyroid hormone) can cause enlargement of the abdomen; both of these causes are more common in dogs than cats.   Abdominal distension…   Read More »

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