Common mistakes made by Border Terrier owners

Apart from the usual doggy habits of jumping up and barking, BorderTerriers can sometimes misbehave in other ways. If this is the case, it is almost always the fault of the owner, and you will need to honestly ask yourself what is causing it. Here are some common mistakes you should avoid:

Reacting to bad behaviour

If your Border gets a reaction from you, or receives more attention (good or bad) when he misbehaves, then he has learned that this particular behaviour gets him the attention he wants. Instead, you should follow this simple rule: reward good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour. Ignoring bad behaviour might include turning your back on your dog or simply walking away. He will soon learn that this behaviour is futile.

Forgetting to socialise a puppy

It can be so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind romance of a new puppy, but cuddling and feeding should not be the only things on your agenda. Border puppies need a large amount of exposure to different people, dogs and environments from a young age. This process is called socialisation and is absolutely vital to ensure that your pup grows up to be a calm, well behaved canine citizen. People who forget to undertake this process will only have themselves to blame when the puppy grows into a badly behaved, or reserved adult.

Not giving enough exercise

Physical activity is important for the development of muscles, bones and joints but it is also a vital source of mental stimulation. A well-exercised Border will be calmer, happier and much easier to discipline in the home. Giving your dog enough quality exercise is one of the most rewarding and important things you can do for him.

Forgetting to research the breed

Each breed is going to come with its own set of behavioural traits, urges and instincts. The Border Terrier has the heritage of the working terrier, with all of the digging, scent trailing and game chasing instincts this brings. Once you recognise these traits in your dog and where they come from, you will find it much easier to understand what is causing their behaviour and how to solve it.

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