borderterrier-faqQ: What is the origin of the Border Terrier?
A: The Border Terrier was first bred in the Cheviot Hills close to the border of Scotland and England. The farmers needed help to drive the fox out of their dens and kill them of course. This is the reason Border Terrier was bred- to follow foxes into the ground and drive them out.

Q: Are Border Terriers hard to train?
A: In complete honesty, Border Terriers are not that hard to train. For owners who do not know the methods, it may turn out hard to train one. However, you must be patient with training because puppies take time to learn how to obey you. But, do not flog your dog under any circumstances.

Q: Are Border Terriers good with children?
A: As Border Terriers a sociable breed, they can be an excellent buddy for children. But you are advised to keep them under supervision when with children because Border Terriers tend to play rough and are too active. Do not leave your under 7 or 8 years old children alone with a Border Terrier.

Q: Do Border Terriers bark a lot?
A: Most of the Border Terriers do not bark too much. They could be good watchdogs and will let you know if somebody passes by and sits at your door. They bark if they feel bored or isolated and ignored.

Q: Do Border Terriers’ shed too much?
A: Border Terriers have a double coat: a hard, wiry coat, and a soft downy undercoat. Typically, double coated dogs shed but it can be minimized to a great extent with proper grooming.

Q: How active are Border Terriers?
A: Border Terriers are well known that they are of high activity and energy level. They enjoy activities like Earthdog tests, Flyball, obedience classes, agility and tracking. They love long walks, too.

Q: Do Border Terriers require a lot of attention?
A: They do not much attention at all times. A daily walk and some activities would be more than enough for a border terrier. However, it is a good idea to show affection towards border terrier puppies. But when they grow up, they develop minds of their own and understand a lot. So you won’t have to give so much attention.

Q: How much do Border Terriers cost?
A: Average puppy price ranges between $475 and £1000.

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