Top 10 facts about the Border Terrier

If you’re a fan of this breed, these intriguing facts should be of interest to you. Enjoy!

  • Border Terriers have a double thickness coat
    This double coat protects them from the elements and sheds a small amount. It’s described as being “wiry”. To keep the coat in good condition, a special technique called “stripping” is used where the loose fur is pulled from the root.

  • Border Terriers are brilliant at Earthdog trials
    Earthdog trials are for Terrier breeds and are designed to test the working ability of participating dogs. A typical trial involves man-made tunnels which the dogs have to navigate in order to find the particular “quarry” or game that has been placed there. No animals are harmed in these trials. They are particularly popular in the US and Canada.

  • Border Terriers belong to the Terrier group of dogs
    The word Terrier comes from the Latin “terra” which means “earth”. This group of dogs have been used as hunting dogs and were trained to follow their quarry into burrows, sets and dens in the earth, hence their names.

  • The Border Terrier is named after his home region
    Border Terriers were developed in the border counties between England and Scotland, which is where they get their name from. Originating in the Coquet valley, these dogs used to be known as the Coquetdale Terrier.

  • One of the most famous Border Terriers was owned by the animal author James Herriot
    Herriot’s Border Terrier was called Bodie, and is credited with having made the breed very popular in the UK.

  • The Border Terrier’s most distinguishing feature is his head
    The breed standard for Borders states that they must have a distinctive otter shaped head.

  • The first Border Terrier to be registered with the British Kennel Club was called Moss Trooper
    and was registered as “unclassified” in 1913, long before the official recognition of the breed in 1920.

  • The Robson family in Northumberland is credited with developing the Border Terrier breed
    The Robsons were founders of the Border Hunt which took place in the border areas between England and Scotland.

  • The Border Terrier is described as being “game”
    This means these dogs have a strong drive to chase and hunt down smaller animals. So, they aren’t an ideal breed to have if you own small pets like rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters.

  • Border Terriers were originally rejected by the British Kennel Club
    This was the first time breeders applied for it to be a recognised breed, back in 1914. However, the breed was accepted on its second attempt, in 1920.

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